Southfield apartment blaze leaves 24 families homeless

Apartment Blaze by Jennifer Chambers

Apartment Blaze in Southfield.  An early morning fire caused by cooking forced an evacuation of a nine-story apartment fire. Also, in the complex the fire left 24 families homeless today.

The Southfield Fire Department responded at 1:10 a.m. to the Providence Tower Apartments on Nine Mile. Consequently, a fire had started on the 7th floor, Southfield Battalion Chief Ed Cary said.

The local fire department requested and received help from six surrounding fire departments. Due to the fact, they encountered water failure in the compound’s piping system. As a result of working together, teams finally got the apartment blaze under control.

Seven people rescued with a fire department bucket. 24 families were not allowed to return inside by the safety officials.

Most important, twelve individuals placed in a shelter, with the American Red Cross and the others stayed with families or friends.

Especially relevant, no firefighters were injured.
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