A Heartwarming Note – Helping Hands

Helping hands program has made us proud. Have you ever been so proud that you wanted to cry?

Well, I have. Just yesterday as a matter of fact. There was a knock on the door at our house. My wife opened the door to John Poche carrying four bags of hats, gloves, mittens, and socks. Donations for The Helping Hands Holiday Tree, being hosted by Rapid Recovery Service in Fraser.

Helping Hands

That in and of itself has been duplicated over and over during this time of the season by others who wanted to give donations. Some of the donators wished to remain anonymous. What makes John more special than already knew him to be, two days ago he had a heart attack. While in the hospital, he read the Facebook posts of what Rapid Recover Service is doing. He got out and went shopping. Having to take breaks while shopping, the only thought he had is that he had a second chance at life. Not for what he can get out of life but what he could give. John Poche, I love you and am proud to be your friend.

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