As colder weather sets in, possible home fire hazards abound

Home fire hazards abound as the cold weather sets in

It’s the season for fireplaces, candles and space heaters – all of them possible fire hazards.

If there is a fire your window to get out alive could be as short as 180 seconds.

It takes only seven seconds from the first visible smoke and flames for the smoke alarm to go off.

An example of it can be seen in a controlled burn living room built by the Detroit Fire Department.

“During this time when it starts to get cold, people turn to using alternative heating devices, space heaters” said Captain Christopher Dixon, of the Detroit Fire Department’s Fire Marshal’s Office.

Watch as the flames suddenly intensify as if fanned by wind.

It happens so quickly you can see how mere seconds hesitation could cost a homeowner his life or a family their lives.

“In just three minutes and 36 seconds that room is unlivable,” Dixon said at the demonstration.

The obvious message is to get smoke detectors and make sure they’re working.

“You want to make sure you have a home fire evacuation plan,” Dixon said. “That you practice every month. Try not to evacuate across the street from your home. Stay on the same side of the street but at least five houses away.”


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