Severe Storm Repair – Michigan Residents Lose Power & Home Damages

Storm Damage - Severe Storms

Some Michigan residents have to deal with power outages as a result of the severe storms that swept through mid-Michigan Monday afternoon. The severe storms produced high wind gusts, knocking down power lines and trees, and damaging homes in its path.

Here are some Severe Storms tips for property owners if the electricity goes out:

  • Make sure you have batteries for flashlights and radios and bottled water
  • To avoid a power surge when the power returns, turn off all appliances and electronic equipment at power strips
  • Avoid opening your refrigerator or freezer too often; food will stay cold for up to 2-4 hours in the fridge and 48 hours in the freezer
  • Run generators and grills outdoors only to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

Severe Storms Repair

Tree wind home damage repair

If you need storm damage repair, call Rapid Recovery Service.

We can provide assistance removing tree and debris from your home. Also, services to provide temporary board up or your roof tarped.

Don’t stress, just contact Rapid Recovery Service for Severe Storm Repair at 888-778-3337. 24-hour emergency services related to property damaged by severe storms and wind damage.

Trained technicians can be onsite typically within 1 hour of your call.  The team will assist you with making repairs to your home or business.

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