More Cooking Fires Occur On Thanksgiving Than Any Other Day Of The Year

Cooking Fires Safety - Thanksgiving Turkey

Tis’ that time of year again when we dust off our turkey fryers, hang our Christmas decorations and prepare our family holiday meals. While most holiday cooking goes off without incident, Thanksgiving day holds the record for the highest grease and cooking-related fires than any other day of the year

Cooking Fire
According to a recent study by the National Fire Protection Association, the number of home fires reported on Thanksgiving is three times higher than the average number of fires on other days. Homeowners celebrating Thanksgiving should be conscious of fire safety while cooking and follow these simple tips to prevent fire mishaps:


  • Don’t leave burners and the oven left unattended.
    Leaving cooking unattended, is the most common cause of cooking fires
  • Use turkey fryers outside, never use them indoors, in a
    garage or a barn – the cooking oil is combustible at 350°F
  • Maintain a fire extinguisher nearby in the event a fire ignites
  • Before deep frying, your turkey measures the amount
    of oil needed beforehand using water
  • Shut off the fuel source when adding the turkey to deep
    fryer to prevent a dangerous flare-up
  • Don’t use water or ice to cool hot oil, this will
    cause the oil to pop and spray hot oil

Following these safety precautions will help you avoid fire damage and a trip to the emergency room. Enjoy the fried turkey and have a safe and happy holiday!

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