Senior Estimator, Todd Fronius, Passes Away

Todd FroniusIt is with the deepest of regrets to inform you of the passing of one of the Rapid Recovery Service family members, in the loss of Senior Estimator Todd Fronius. He passed away suddenly Saturday, June 12, 2010. He is survived by four children ages Vince 17, Cassie 18 Krystal 20 and Christopher 22. Memorial services are still to be determined, and we will post any updates here as soon as details become available

During this time as Rapid Recovery Service restructures we will still be providing you with the service you have grown accustomed too. There will be released more news as the family prepares the funeral services. Rapid Recovery is setting up a bereavement account on behalf of the family in response to the request from many who have asked to help the family.

We understand this will be a process for everyone to whom Todd’s very special hands have touched. He has always been a pivotal figure in the Rapid Recovery Service Family. His sudden passing has left deep mourning in many areas. As we here do our best to follow and fill in his phenomenal footsteps, we are always there for your needs.

Please feel free to call our offices after June 14th, 2010 for more information and continue to look at our website, Facebook, Linkedin and Myspace for posting from the family, friends and our office as to memorial service information about our beloved Todd.

All of God’s blessing to you and yours in the loss of Todd Fronius.

Regretfully yours,

Rapid Recovery Service Family

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