Sewage Cleanup Procedures

Sewage Cleanup

From large to small-scale water disasters, Rapid Recovery Service is committed to restoring your business or home when the unexpected occurs.

Finally, Rapid Recovery Service has the capability to handle large-scale losses. However, we are always happy to assist with minor issues as well.

Sewage removal is a dangerous process due to the toxic microbes that may be present in raw sewage waste. You always need to have experienced sewage damage contractors with specific equipment that keep you and your family safe during the sewage cleanup process.

Rapid Recovery Service provides an immediate response. Our goal for our commercial and residential clients is to restore your home or business operations following a sewage disaster to limit downtime and expense.

Sewage Cleanup Procedures St. Clair Michigan

Be prepared for water problems once in a while, like sewage overflow. It can happen to any home, but with home maintenance, you can minimize its impact should it occur.

St. Clair Shores is a suburb in Macomb County, Michigan. Referred to as “The Boating Capital of Michigan” or “The Gateway to the Great Lakes,” this beautiful city by the lake offers a relaxed lifestyle away from busy downtown Detroit, located about 13 miles northeast. St. Clair Shores is mostly residential, so if you are looking for a place to raise a family, this peaceful area will welcome you with open arms.

business or home disasterSewage contamination is dangerous as it involves an organic matter that can bring health complications aside from the problems brought by standard water damage. Flooding caused by sewage spills or contamination due to heavy rains, blocked waterways, weak structures and other reasons that can be determined by water damage specialists.

Call your insurance provider to report the problem; they can assist you with the next steps you should take. Usually, the next step is to hire a professional sewage cleanup expert. Any sewage problem is typically considered an emergency because of contamination involved.

Sewage Cleanup Procedures St. Clair Michigan

While waiting for professional help to arrive, you can prepare for sewage cleanup St. Clair Shores. First, evacuate occupants of the house especially children, the elderly and pets. Set up a clean and dry place where you can store salvaged items.

If you are entering the contaminated area, wear protective gear such as waterproof gloves, rubber boots, and proper clothing. Isolate the affected area and if possible.
You can clean hard surfaces with bleach and water. Do not mix cleaning agents because they can produce harmful vapors. Dry the area to prevent mold growth. After any cleaning completed, carefully remove work clothes and either discard or wash immediately. If you are discarding them, put them in a plastic bag and seal it properly. Don’t mix them with other clothing items to avoid spreading the contamination.

business or home disasterCleanup should not be confined to the indoor environment only if the outside area was also affected. Also, heavily soaked carpets with raw sewage need discard. Make sure that affected items are isolated and don’t come in contact with other non-contaminated items inside the house. Spreading the harmful biological agents found in raw sewage is easy.

Professional cleaners near St.Clair Shores will present you with an inventory of restorable items. Discuss your options carefully.

After the sewage cleanup, have your home inspected and repair the original cause of the problem. The structural integrity of the house must be checked as well to ensure the safety of the occupants.

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