Soda Blasting Removes Odor, Graffiti, Mold, Fire and Water Damage in 1 Step

Soda Blasting Before & After

Soda Blasting is a widely recognized technique by the insurance restoration industry to eliminate lingering odors of fire and water damage. Compared to other alternative methods such as sandblasting, which is more abrasive, and dry ice blasting, which raises safety concerns due to the high levels of carbon dioxide, soda blasting is a faster, safer and cleaner solution.

Soda Blasting MachineSoda blasting applies baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) against a surface using compressed air. This method is chemical-free and nontoxic and is successful at eliminating most contaminants from a variety of surfaces from wood, brick and metals.

The use of soda blasting in fire damage restoration is successful at removing soot, char and smoke odors. In regards to mold damage, the process eliminates mold growth and spores with minimum impact on the surface. It also speeds up the restoration process by eliminating the need to remove and replace materials and is even safe to use around window frames and door-walls without damaging glass panes. The benefits of soda blasting greatly reduce the time of the restoration process and are a proven cost savings technique to owners. Visit our website to learn more about soda blasting and our services for fire and mold damage restoration.

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