Tornado Damage – Dexter

“The tornado had hit us dead on and had blown our front door in, creating an outward pressure bomb that tore up most of my first floor and littered the house with all sorts of debris. Many windows were gone, the roof had been severely damaged, our garage doors were crumpled like an accordion, and two of our walls had bowed out due to the pressure. After surveying the damage I stood in my yard in complete shock and felt the most helpless that I have ever felt in my life. I was outside working with family to clean up what the storm had done to my nicely landscaped and manicured yard, I caught a vehicle coming down our street that had all kinds of decals posted over the outside. The man that got out of the car was a representative of your company. Talking with Tony that day was the best thing that could have happened to my family at the time! After some discussion as to what your company could offer, and how the process would take place, we decided to sign up for your services. Within a few hours, Tony had a crew of 15-20 workers ascend on my house and proceed to clean and organize absolutely everything. Tony, Bill, and Bret all went out of their ways each and every chance they could to address any issue that we had concerns about. Rapid came in and took care of us when we were extremely overwhelmed and did an outstanding job across the board. It was an incredible experience, and I am sure that we would not have ended up in such a great position as we have after such a major disaster in our lives.”

~ Casey Cabana
Dexter, Michigan

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